The Law of
Manifesting Your Vision

Message Series


Every person is born with a burning desire to pursue and to attain a greater state of being. There is a bigger and better person on the inside that is struggling to come out of all of us. We are all born with this thing called “potential.” Our potential is what we know we could be. The question is, how does one manifest everything that is contained within them? The image, that dominates the thoughts and is etched into the spirit of the person, is called personal vision. You are burning to manifest your vision! The uneasiness you constantly feel–the agitation on the inside–is the best version of you fighting to free itself from the cocoon of mediocrity and to burst into the glory of actualization.

The Law of Purpose

Week 1

The Law of Preparation

Week 2

The Law of Perception

Week 3

The Law of Faithfulness

Week 4

The Law of Partnership

Week 5

The Law of Integrity and Favor

Week 6